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S1-DEHU130 * Dehumidifier

The Coleman Whole-House Dehumidifier is designed to control excess humidity in any home. The coil design can remove excess moisture up to 130 pints in capacity per day. It passes through the filter to remove air-borne contaminants, then continues on through the cold evaporator coil which causes the moisture to condense on the coil, much like condensation on the outside of a glass of ice water.

The Coleman dehumidifier can be installed to fit many applications such as ducted systems, whole-house and spot de-humidification.

Product Description

Special Benefits

  • Optional Wall-Mounted Control- The unit comes with self-contained controls but is easily converted to a dehumidistat control mounted in the living area (similar in appearance to a thermostat), saving trips to the basement or attic to change the setting.
  • Cleanable Filter- A permanent nylon mesh filter captures particulates and airborne dirt to improve indoor air quality; the filter is easily accessed from either side for cleaning.
  • Frost Control- Frost can collect on the coil after prolonged operation or if the home is kept at very cool temperatures. An automatic defrost system will turn off the compressor, but allow the fan to operate until any ice accumulation is melted. Once the coil is clear, the dehumidifier will resume normal operation.
  • Minimal Maintenance- The Coleman S1-DEHU130 is built for long life and troublefree operation. Periodic cleaning of the filter keeps the unit operating at peak efficiency.
  • Quiet Operation- The Coleman S1-DEHU130 is designed for quiet operation. The cabinet is lined with 1” thick high density, expanded polyethylene insulation that absorbs and reflects sound, keeping most unwanted noise from the duct system and living spaces. The compressor is mounted on rubber isolators to prevent vibration, and reduce noise transmission into the home.
  • Energy Efficient- Because drier air is more comfortable, many people actually raise the temperature setting on their air conditioner when a dehumidifier is installed, reducing the load on the air conditioner and help extend its life.

Additional information


Parts – 5 Year Warranty


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