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FF 90 to 120

FF 90 to 120

Split System Heat Pump Air Handler (FF)

These completely assembled units include a well-insulated cabinet, a DX cooling coil with copper tubes and aluminum fins, expansion valve(s), distributor(s), throwaway filters, a centrifugal blower, a blower motor, an adjustable belt drive, a blower motor contactor and a small holding charge of refrigerant-22.

The units are shipped in the vertical position ready for field installation. They can be installed for horizontal operation by reversing the position of the solid bottom panel with the return air duct flange on the front of the unit.

Product Description

Special Benefits

  • Electric heaters are available in several capacities to provide maximum flexibility.
  • Both the air conditioning unit and the heater can be selected to precisely match the cooling and heating requirements of the conditioned space.
  • These heaters are designed for easy field installation over the supply air opening of the unit.
  • They have been tested by Underwriters’ Laboratories and will be shipped with a UL label.
  • Every heater will be fully protected against excessive current and temperature by fuses and two high limit thermostats.
  • Units with electric heat will require only one power supply for both the heating elements and the supply air blower motor.
  • The power wiring can be protected by either dual element/time delay fuses or an inverse time circuit breaker.

Additional information

Nominal Capacities

90 – 240 MBH


See condenser for system EER rating


Compressor – NA, Parts – 1 year


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