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LX Series DCMF Single Zone

LX Series DCMF Single Zone

LX 16 SEER Ductless Single Zone

Variable Frequency Rotary Compressor – Twin rotary inverter compressor on all models features high efficiency operation that modulates down to 15 Hz and as high as 120 Hz for reduced vibration and quiet operation. Brushless DC motor uses powerful Neodymium magnets that are approximately 15-20 times stronger than ferrite magnets used in conventional AC compressors. The DC Inverter Control provides continuous operation, while adjusting capacity according to room temperature. The accurate sensing of cooling or heating loads prevents frequent changes in capacity and ensures efficient, economical operation.

Low Ambient Cooling Operation Down to 5 °F – This feature allows for a space to be air-conditioned even in outdoor temperatures as low as 5 ˚F. This cooling ability is important when dealing with server equipment rooms, surveillance mechanical rooms, restaurant kitchens, fitness centers, and more.

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Product Description

Special Benefits

Refrigerant Line Connections, Service Valve – Outdoor units are designed with easy service and maintenance in mind. Maintenance points are located behind easy-access panels, to make installation and service a breeze for a trained technician. Flare connection lines are located on side of unit cabinet. Fully serviceable brass service valve prevents corrosion and provide access to refrigerant system. Shut-off valve that can be fully shut off while 2-way service valve (with service port) may be front seated to manage refrigerant charge while servicing system.

Air Deflection Louvers – Horizontal louvers default to the cooling or heating position when the unit is operating. Horizontal louvers can be set to a preset oscillating range or fixed position from the wireless remote control. Full oscillating is the default setting when button is pushed. Vertical louvers can be manually adjusted to direct the airflow for optimal comfort.

Indoor Coil Freeze Protection – The indoor coil thermistor monitors the coil temperature continuously. Any time the coil temperature drops below 30°F, the compressor and the outdoor fan (30 seconds later) will be switched off until the coil temperature rises above 43°F and the compressor has been off for a minimum of 3 minutes.

Hot Heat Pump (cold air prevention) – In heating mode, the indoor fan will be delayed from 1 to 3 minutes to allow refrigerant to warm up and avoid cold blow. This may occur during:

  • Initial start-up of a heating cycle
  • Immediately after completion of an Auto mode operation
  • Heating under extremely low indoor temperatures

I FEEL Function – When I FEEL is activated, the system will satisfy your cooling or heating temperature setpoint where the remote control is located. When I FEEL is deactivated, the system will satisfy the cooling or heating temperature setpoint where the indoor unit is located. This feature provides homeowners with optimum comfort whether they are near or far from the indoor unit.

Additional information

Nominal Capacities

3/4 to 2 Ton




Compressor – 6 Years, Parts – 2 Years


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